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The seasons are converting and the cold wintry weather months lay in advance. For the ones folks who store our convertibles and recreational cars having a vehicle cover to guard them is essential. Even each day use can warrant the usage of a vehicle cowl. Here are a few reasons why.

If you live within the Northern states you know how the snow and ice can construct on your vehicle. If you use a vehicle, SUV, or truck cowl you’ll not simplest guard the floor but additionally save time, simply push aside the snow, take off the cover, shake it off and move. No more scraping ice or ready a half of our for it to soften off and no issues in case you are storing your car for the season which includes that special convertible or vintage muscle car you yearned for all of your life and sooner or later have or your RV, boat or motorbike. Protecting it from the consistent bombardment of mom nature is essential. Ice expands and contracts getting into the smallest of crevices doubtlessly unfavorable chrome and first-class detail work. Using a satisfactory automobile or RV cover will protect your automobile all season lengthy until you’re ready to get out and play over again.

For those people who live inside the Southern states, safety for the solar is vital year round for everyday use or garage. The UV rays may be specifically harsh in this area, fading the finish and indoors surfaces which can lead to cracking and dry rot. You additionally have extreme thunderstorms and the potential for hail. There turned into a storm simply this past week in AZ in Phoenix that without a doubt destroyed the floor of an entire Mitsubishi vehicle lot’s stock. Broken windshields and dents masking the finishes bumper to bumper. I am positive it wasn’t the simplest dealership that had this hassle, not to mention any automobile owners who took place to have their cars in that storms path.

Even a light dust cowl is suggested for indoor garage. This will maintain the satisfactory clean coat free of dust, maintaining that shine we paintings so difficult to achieve. There is a cowl available for simply any scenario and model whether you have got a automobile, truck, SUV, boat, RV, bike, limousine or golf cart, there may be a cover for you. Why not protect your funding. Vehicles aren’t reasonably-priced in these tough times and we all work difficult for what we have. Protecting our investments is important. Car covers can assist preserve your motors price on the high quit, if it seems horrific, it won’t sell for top dollar and you won’t get as a lot for exchange in both.

2017 – JEEP RENEGADE     

Since the first public appearance in Brazil, in the last Salão de São Paulo, exactly two years ago, the Jeep Renegade has been making history. It has already added 85,000 registered units in the country, more than 100 thousand produced at the Jeep Automotive Polo in Goiania, and in the last two months has taken the lead in sales of the SUV segment, in addition to being ranked as the 7th best selling vehicle in the country. Even today, the model that reinvented the segment is the only compact SUV that does not drift from a car covers ebay, with its own platform, starting point even for larger models. And it maintains exclusivity such as diesel engine, nine-speed automatic transmission, independent suspension on four wheels, two types of sunroof, among many others. And the 2017 line of Renegade does not let down, bringing many novelties to consumers. Versions equipped with the 1.8 EtorQ Evo Flex engine received a comprehensive package of technical developments, with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Are they:

  • variable intake manifold (VIS)
  • cold start without auxiliary tank
  • Stop & Start system
  • indirect tire pressure monitoring (iTPMS)
  • gearshift indicator on dashboard
  • super tires
  • smart alternator
  • intelligent fuel pump
  • low friction oils for engine and transmission

With that, the Jeep Renegade 1.8 Flex was 5% more powerful, yielding 7 hp more, reaching 139 hp at 5,750 rpm with ethanol. The maximum torque has risen to 190 Nm at 3,750 rpm and, above all, the force is delivered more linearly over the entire range of turns. The changes result in better performance, more agility in more everyday traffic situations, more driving pleasure, and lower fuel consumption and emissions – up to 10% less, depending on the version.

Jeep Renegade Limited

New top version with the 1.8 Flex engine, it has as major visual differences silver paint on the front grille, exterior rearview mirror covers and roof bars. The ceiling is always painted black, and the 18-inch wheels have exclusive paint. Among the equipment more than the version Longitude 1.8, highlight for:

  • leather seats
  • Keyless Enter’n Go presence key
  • 0-inch TFT screen, color and configurable on the dashboard
  • xenon headlights
  • headlight and rain sensors
  • electric folding of mirrors
  • internal electrochromic mirror

More equipment

Most versions of the Jeep Renegade 2017 were even more equipped, with new series items, distributed as follows:


  • glasses holder
  • longitudinal roof rails
  • folding and folding passenger seat under the seat
  • 5-inch Uconnect multimedia center with touch screen, GPS and rear-facing camera (with 2.0 Diesel engine)


  • glasses holder
  • Leather seats (with 2.0 Diesel engine)


  • side, curtain and knee air bags for the driver
  • xenon headlights
  • Keyless Enter’n Go presence key
  • leather seats
  • electric folding of mirrors

Jeep Renegade 2017 – full line

  • 8 Flex MT5: R $ 72,990
  • Sport 1.8 Flex MT5: R $ 79,490
  • Sport 1.8 Flex AT6: R $ 85,990
  • Longitude 1.8 Flex AT6: R $ 90,990
  • Longitude (ceiling *) 1.8 Flex AT6: R $ 97,790
  • Limited 1.8 Flex AT6: R $ 97,990
  • Limited (ceiling *) 1.8 Flex AT6: R $ 104,790
  • Sport 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4: R $ 115,990
  • Longitude 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4: R $ 123,490
  • Trailhawk 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4: R $ 136,990

* version with panoramic sunroof Command View

Renegade Exclusivities

Not only was it the only compact SUV in Brazil with a turbo diesel engine option, and the first national vehicle with 9-speed automatic transmission, Renegade offers unmatched trim, equipment and safety levels in its class. And it’s still the only one that does not come from any stroller, which gives you high driving position, sturdiness in any kind of terrain and superior driveability.

Among the exclusive items you present in the segment, highlight:

  • anti-overhead control (standard on all versions)
  • independent suspension on all four wheels (standard on all versions)
  • daytime running lights (DRL), especially important with new Brazilian legislation (standard on all versions)
  • fog lights with cornering function; automatically connect to the side where the steering wheel is turned, at low speed or during maneuvers (standard on all versions)
  • two-zone digital air conditioning (standard on Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk)
  • air bag for the driver’s knees (standard on Trailhawk)
  • blind spot detectors (optional)
  • two varieties of sunroof; panoramic and removable (optional)


If you list the iconic models of the global auto industry, Jeep Wrangler will certainly be there. The American brand’s all-terrain has been on the market for several years and is now about to receive a well-deserved generation change. Therefore, taking advantage of the anxiety of the nostalgic, the direction of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) decided to elaborate two new special versions. The first special version of the Wrangler was named Chief and arrives with a bluish tone to the lower part of his retro body. The hard ceiling is painted white in combination with the strip that covers the entire perimeter of it. Complete the aesthetic changes, the insertion of the ‘4 Wheel Drive’ logo in the trunk that indicates the full wheel drive and the 17-inch alloy wheels with specific design. The second special version of Wrangler is Smoky Mountain. This version features a dark gray tone that gives it an imposing presence. In this case, the exterior decoration is more sober than the Chief version, although it has a sticker on the hood that resembles its name. The only aesthetic element that stands out above the sobriety of the set are its 18-inch alloy wheels with a specific design with part of its chrome design. Like his brother Chief, he also has four-wheel drive, as it is Wrangler’s identity password. The engines that will be available in both versions have not been released. The Jeep has not confirmed further details, but it is most likely to equip a 3.6-liter petrol engine with V6 configuration and another diesel CRD.


For those who find the Jeep Wrangler series to be very discreet, maybe this car will suit. This is the Jeep Wrangler Prestige Intimidator, one of the creations of Voltron Motors, a trainer located in Richmond, Texas (USA), which specializes exclusively in Jeep models, for which it offers a variety of modification packages and which also offers units, such as the Prestige Intimidator. The Wrangler Prestige Intimidator comes out stunning in white. Compared to the model from which it derives, this Wrangler presents a number of differences. For example, it incorporates a suspension kit and bodywork signed by Pro Comp, metallic front and rear bumpers that improve the angles of attack and output, Fox Racing springs and shock absorbers, as well as skirts that protect the body from possible blows and also serve as a foothold for the Hi-Lift type jack. Of course, there’s plenty of huge 20-inch alloy wheels with huge 37-inch Nitto Trail Grappler all-terrain tires – like a Hummer H1 – and a more aggressive looking hood. The changes in the exterior are completed by a bar that winds through the windshield and on which emerges a lighting system composed of a large number of LEDs of great power. Inside, the Jeep Wrangler modified by Voltron Motors did not look like the original either. It has a blue leather upholstery with white details making contrast, a chromatic combination inverse to that of its body. On the dashboard, the decorative frames were painted blue and a multimedia system compatible with Apple CarPlay was installed and features Alpine speakers. This specific copy of the Jeep Wrangler Prestige Intimidator is on sale on eBay, which shows a price of $ 59,900. For those interested, the ad can be seen by clicking here .


The story of the Jeep Wrangler is about to start a new chapter with the introduction of what will be the fourth generation of the iconic descendant of Willys, a model that in all probability will debut that year. But before that happens, the Jeep wants to say goodbye to the current Wrangler with one of the last special series we’ll see on that basis: the new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition. It is the most capable version of the line in all-terrain terms. The new Wrangler Rubicon Recon was developed on the basis of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, being offered in both the three- and five-door versions. This version differs from other Wranglers in elements such as its rigid front axle, which is more robust and features a 100% differential lock and a stabilizer bar that can be disconnected, which allows it to substantially increase the articulation capacity of the suspension. Of course, it also features a rear differential that can be unlocked and all-terrain tires. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition adds to all of this an even stronger, reinforced front axle, an increased ground clearance, metal side skirts that protect the body from the impact of stones and other objects, 35-inch diameter wheels and larger casings hard for the front and rear differentials. As standard, it arrives equipped with a manual transmission and with a reduced transmission that allows the final ratio is 73.1: 1, which translates into a great capacity to overcome obstacles. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon body is available in seven different colors and is distinguished by incorporating a number of specific elements. In addition to a higher ground clearance, it uses redesigned 17-inch wheels, the well-known hood with the boss in the center (the ‘Power Dome’ as the manufacturer calls it) and a different front grille. Inside the passenger compartment comes a leather upholstery, heated seats, red details contrasting with the additional engine and transmission oil pressure gauges for tire pressure and coolant temperature.


The Jeep presented the Yuntu in the Shanghai Hall. This prototype is the first hybrid vehicle the brand makes, and apparently it will not be the last, and it is also the largest model in the line. Yuntu, which in Chinese means cloud, shows a futuristic image – an image that advances the future models of the company, but with classic touches and characteristic of the Jeep, as it is the case of the grid of seven vertical bars. In addition, the front and rear optical groups, which are modern, very narrow and with the latest LED technology, are striking. It also has the absence of the B-pillar, thanks to suicide opening doors, such as the Chevrolet FNR-X, SUV that was also presented at the Chinese event. The cabin features floating elements, such as the three rows of seats, the first two with independent seats, the transmission tunnel console and the center console. Complete the set a variety of screens: three on the dashboard – dashboard, infotainment system for the co-driver and two on each bench. On the propulsion system of the Jeep Yuntu nothing was specified. It is known that this is a PHEV, hybrid plug-in, thanks to the images. Even so, it seems to be a design study very close to production, but for now only for China, where it will be manufactured by the local joint venture GAC-Fiat.

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